A Painful Solace

Missing, just the sight of her hand, gracing mine,

She’s all I can think of, even now, in the everlasting absence

Which is why it’s pains reaches the farthest

And pulling, on those strings that stays sore in its torture,

A feeling of this magnitude, has never graced my heart,

Lying in the winter’s nest, with broken wings

And it comes again, that feeling that repeatedly

Pokes, its smile at me, and I’m back there missing

What will never find its way back, into my embrace,

So I crawl back into silence, and let her image fade,

Trying my best, to keep it in the shadow, completely blind,

Still, it doesn’t last long, firing back in the battlefield,

I’m losing, as her image reminds me of what’s missing,

I’m trying to distract the projection, if only to be able

As it would be truly, an eternal sunshine of my spotless mind,

But would I find her again?

Would she be there, drawn to her, in some imagined spector,

Only time will tell, as I must forget,

Allow for my mind to grow blank, letting in the disease

Most welcomed, as I lay the path for it amongst the fallen leaves,

Try to sleep, try to rest, in the maddening vacancy,

A slow reside, feeling the demons stopping time

So I feel the absence even more, until that moment

When I can finally forget, and be fine again.

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