Nightmare VII

The echo of my cruelty, hangs in the air, with the noose

Gripping its neck, trying to snuff its continuous ripples,

But there it goes again, driving me beyond the gates,

Unfamiliar with these roads, I panic, searching for the latch,

Falling now, still hearing my words, in reverse,

I smash the elusive barrier, hoping it shatters and deteriorates

Into an emptiness, something familiar yet horrifying,

But I know its name, its maneuvers, no frozen dagger

Left to pierce through the fragile wall, left to crumble at any moment,

But it stands, impenetrable, mocking my suffering,

The subtle winds, wash over me, bristling the hair on my neck,

No angel of mercy in my presence, for judgement comes

On the swift wings before me, sustaining the shadow

That pours over her, as she nears, dragging her scythe,

Screaching along the stone floor, until she meets my stance,

Peering into my heart, shines a smirk at my groveling

And turns away, leaving me in the pale darkness, forever,

Neither good, or bad, just a stagnant, revolving clock.

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