Dust, in the desert of a stained home
Crowding the vacuum of the void,
Vultures swooping towards his heart
As he shivers, from the gust
Of curdling sorrow
Carried, on the black wings,
Singed from the fires of perdition,
The door, frozen in the world’s collapse,
Nothing to see here, they all abandoned
The suffering immersed in spider’s chaos,
He sinks, further into the black of the sand
That swallows him, in shattered pieces
With no intention, of reaching out
For that outstretched palm,
The lights burnt out,
Long ago.

Within the Dying

The reign of my fire is becoming
Silent in my solitary vigil,
Fighting against a forgotten remembrance
That is unavailing,
Frightened in the delicate flame
Drowning against it’s feeble light,
I am no longer amongst
The rage, in the pit
Just rising smoke,
To the vanishing,
I have raged through many years
But now, the dying light
Consumes me,
There is no choice in the wolf
Extinguishing my uproar,
This is no fabled mind,
Only, a paralyzed struggle
Against an inevitable occurrence,
I don’t see my reflection
A rapidly fading blaze,
I’m submitting to abyss
In my candelabra
Surrounded, by none,
I’ve rampaged for as long as I could
To not lenient against
The swallow of the light,
No more, can I lift shield
Against it’s overbearing sword,
Take me to the night.

Giving Up a Friend

Here I sit, lost in the life of others,
Watching as they pass by, glancing
At me and my friend
Resting, on my lap,
Soaking in my smell
Panting, unsure of what’s to come,
Unaware that I, can’t bear
It’s stench
Or wag of it’s tail,
It has become my enemy
Stalking me at every corner,
I’m afraid of it’s sharp
Tapping sound, echoing
In my hollow torment
After emptying the Raven closet
Of all that reminds me of her,
Except, for the full vacant eyes
That follow me,
This friend, is an illusion
Of consonance,

And here I cradle this beast
When a stranger stops,
Awes at the timid creature
Then asks to cradle her,
Like all the many others, I ask
If they would rescue me from
The last of my memory,
Finally, this stranger agreed,
I relinquished my lingering past,
I walked away, empty
Of what mocked my detriment.

The Bat Shrieks

She presses around soaked pain
Within hollow hours of this
A stained distressed moon,
She avoids the piercing glowing stare
From that scornful bat, residing
On the sharp edges of her world,
It shrieks, quaking her heart
As she caves further into herself,
But how long, can she evade it’s glare
That scratches at her dungeon door,
The perpetual filth of it’s torment
Barges in, crushing
The already fleeting light,
Hanging on to a fading ledge
As the bat shrieks, echoing
Off closing walls,
Of the eclipsed cavern,
The bat rips her strength, shaking
Her existence in the eternal dark,
The bat shrieks, forevermore,
Reaching out for her
In the imbalance,
Where she wrestles with the affliction
Never able to rise above,
But how can she, when the shrieks
Throw cold steel
Through her ailing beats
Spilling under the floor boards,
Cursed to be in the shadow of it’s wing,
She holds onto the past, one moment
That has held her,
Intact within the echo
Of the shattering shriek,
She grips the lost clock
Against her abducted soul,
Hiding, within the silent thump,
Yet she plummets into the red waters
That perches above her,
Latched, in the hold of it’s scowl
Hypnotized by its crowding villainy,
She has spiraled into the bat’s crimson
Not knowing the way out,
Frantically chasing after its shriek,
Being sucked into the vortex,
Forgetting the moment behind her
Only seeing, the monster
That hunts her.



I’ve gone too deep,
Into the crushing blind,
Lost, myself along a forgetful trail
Leaving nothing behind, no crumbs
To follow back, no desire
Pleading with me to stay,
The ashes cover what I long to forget,
I drown further into the crowded canopy
That filters out the sun,
A sight recluse as I look up
Back at where I fell from,
But I’ve perched within this forest
Too long, decomposing,
Shedding it all,
New feathers grow in
Not to fly with, but to hide under,
Submerging, with the darkness
Becoming a demon, in it’s hold.,

Island Hold

He stands glaring out into the bleak
Stripped of the illusion,
Clouds thunder in, as he bellows
Listening to the callback, of his echo,
Countless scratches upon his calendar
With fading hope that he
Would be uncovered
In a parade of sun,
Yet, he sinks into the cold swamp
With his eyes stitched to the horizon,
The eclipsed moon dropping
The devil’s wing around him,
Snugged fit,
Stolen by this island
Lured by promises of paradise,
Hollow in its dominance
He wants to escape the clanked grave,
Now, that he has stumbled
Into the shallow pool of the siren,
Betrayed by his shadow
Following it’s lead into the permanent
All by a fool stench pervading
The steel chest,
He is weak, only falling to worse
The disease consuming him whole,
Habituated to the island’s clutch,
Too late to run out of the sand
When he’s below the surface
That has engulfed his heart,
Charmed by the illusion
The island claims him,
Swimming out to fish another fool.

Rest in peace


How do you deal with your monster?
Do you cling to the Jekyll moment
Praying for the hulk of your emotion
To subside in the tepid sun,
The monster, drags it’s fingernails
Along your fragile glass, scraping
A design of madness
To the answer rattling, in your hand,
A potion syntaxed in the nothingness
Of insomnia, the dying light
Lost of rage,
Rest in peace.

As Simple as a Rose


She moves through grey mounds
Of gusting clouds, pushing
Through doubt and confusion,
Sipping on the drizzles of faded light,
She balances herself, strolling through
An uneven, cracked dry path,
Nothing but a wasteland
That stretches, over the boundless,
Dusky raggedy dress
Reflective, of her world
Seen seamlessly through her eyes,
Along her path, she finds color
Growing out, from the dead soil,
A cluster of roses rises
From the nothing of the deprived,
She bows down, to sink
In the sight of this spurting fairy tale,
She threads one of the roses
And it melts the prosaic,
Streaming away from her,
Now, with a spark in her eye
And the rose in her hair.


He waters the same spot
Everyday, at the exact time
He lost everything,
Before that moment, the world
Had a different bounce,
The sky, expansive and wondrous,
Before that moment, he never knew
A splinter of pain,
But within that moment
He was flooded,
In a crash of light upon
What is now, the eternal dessert,
He waters the spot
She was taken away,
He grows for her,
He continues to change back
What was ripped away from him.

Nightmare II

A sudden clasp around my heart
Making it a struggle, to dig deeper
Where she lays,
A whisper of smoke
Creeps beside me,
Drawing the heavy shade
Upon the peephole of the shaking door,
Stalking the lurking of a buried secret
Residing, in the casket
Along with her,
I keep going, focused
On the pit I’ve dug myself into,
And as I go deeper
I can feel the sand crushing
Upon my back,
Forcing me into the earth,
Choking on every breath
With a tightening wrench,
Pleading, with the never ending mine
To bare the tomb to me,
For I feel the fire of the underworld
Incubating in the crawlspace
As I strike, upon the eternal domicile,
Bruising fists trying to break in
I open to stare onto my cold pose,
Secret revealed
I am no longer living,
With the persistent chime
Pursuing my consciousness.