I’ve gone too deep,
Into the crushing blind,
Lost, myself along a forgetful trail
Leaving nothing behind, no crumbs
To follow back, no desire
Pleading with me to stay,
The ashes cover what I long to forget,
I drown further into the crowded canopy
That filters out the sun,
A sight recluse as I look up
Back at where I fell from,
But I’ve perched within this forest
Too long, decomposing,
Shedding it all,
New feathers grow in
Not to fly with, but to hide under,
Submerging, with the darkness
Becoming a demon, in it’s hold.,

Hand in Hand

When slits from life
Cut too deep
We’re found thrusting up defenses
Warriors against the sinking,
How do you crawl out
From a grave excavating?

Her and I stand ready
To take down the beast
Flying toward the castle,
Blade in hand,
Guarding the tower
That leads to our heart,
Crusade against the filth
Of the world that blends into darkness,
Spilling onto the canvas
Collapsing it,
Weakening it’s view,
But her and I press on
With our armor forged in our union
Rising against the oppressive stalk,
Without her, this fight alone
Would prove futile,
Together though, we tread
Above the devour
Of the endless black sea,
Dauntless amongst
The ever present Raven.