As Simple as a Rose


She moves through grey mounds
Of gusting clouds, pushing
Through doubt and confusion,
Sipping on the drizzles of faded light,
She balances herself, strolling through
An uneven, cracked dry path,
Nothing but a wasteland
That stretches, over the boundless,
Dusky raggedy dress
Reflective, of her world
Seen seamlessly through her eyes,
Along her path, she finds color
Growing out, from the dead soil,
A cluster of roses rises
From the nothing of the deprived,
She bows down, to sink
In the sight of this spurting fairy tale,
She threads one of the roses
And it melts the prosaic,
Streaming away from her,
Now, with a spark in her eye
And the rose in her hair.


He waters the same spot
Everyday, at the exact time
He lost everything,
Before that moment, the world
Had a different bounce,
The sky, expansive and wondrous,
Before that moment, he never knew
A splinter of pain,
But within that moment
He was flooded,
In a crash of light upon
What is now, the eternal dessert,
He waters the spot
She was taken away,
He grows for her,
He continues to change back
What was ripped away from him.

The Reasons


She waits for him
On the island suspended
Above the ugly,
She waits for his warmth
To burst above the horizon,
She patiently counts the ticks
Of the echo
That builds upon her anticipation,
Needing him
To calm her soul,
To nurture her dry heart,
She waits in the tundra orbit
Alone, amongst the crowd of stars,
Until he lays beside her,
She beckons for him
So that she can grow,
She does all this
Without realizing her strength,
That it is she
That is needed by him,
She is the picturesque illuminating
The hidden dark,
She stands taller than the
Light reaches,
He can not compare
To what she does to him,
He burns passion
Above the methodical
For her,
She is his reason
For the short winter,
But when she’s gone,
His fire, grows silent,
The lap around the earth
Is to once again,
Find her
On that solitary island
Where she waits for him.

Hand in Hand

When slits from life
Cut too deep
We’re found thrusting up defenses
Warriors against the sinking,
How do you crawl out
From a grave excavating?

Her and I stand ready
To take down the beast
Flying toward the castle,
Blade in hand,
Guarding the tower
That leads to our heart,
Crusade against the filth
Of the world that blends into darkness,
Spilling onto the canvas
Collapsing it,
Weakening it’s view,
But her and I press on
With our armor forged in our union
Rising against the oppressive stalk,
Without her, this fight alone
Would prove futile,
Together though, we tread
Above the devour
Of the endless black sea,
Dauntless amongst
The ever present Raven.


I perch here by the stone
Doing my best to pull the words out,
With all my strength, I cannot,
Tongue lost in the echo of still wings,
Not even the sharp mockery of the black bird
Can be heard tapering down my empty halls,
All that is seen, is the abundance
Of a voided pitch, feeling out for a touch,
Too cold to lay here on my own
As the raft sinks down further along
The engulfing river, spilling into dismay,
When can I awake to find her in my arms again?
Please wake me.