Nightmare II

A sudden clasp around my heart
Making it a struggle, to dig deeper
Where she lays,
A whisper of smoke
Creeps beside me,
Drawing the heavy shade
Upon the peephole of the shaking door,
Stalking the lurking of a buried secret
Residing, in the casket
Along with her,
I keep going, focused
On the pit I’ve dug myself into,
And as I go deeper
I can feel the sand crushing
Upon my back,
Forcing me into the earth,
Choking on every breath
With a tightening wrench,
Pleading, with the never ending mine
To bare the tomb to me,
For I feel the fire of the underworld
Incubating in the crawlspace
As I strike, upon the eternal domicile,
Bruising fists trying to break in
I open to stare onto my cold pose,
Secret revealed
I am no longer living,
With the persistent chime
Pursuing my consciousness.

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