Giving Up a Friend

Here I sit, lost in the life of others,
Watching as they pass by, glancing
At me and my friend
Resting, on my lap,
Soaking in my smell
Panting, unsure of what’s to come,
Unaware that I, can’t bear
It’s stench
Or wag of it’s tail,
It has become my enemy
Stalking me at every corner,
I’m afraid of it’s sharp
Tapping sound, echoing
In my hollow torment
After emptying the Raven closet
Of all that reminds me of her,
Except, for the full vacant eyes
That follow me,
This friend, is an illusion
Of consonance,

And here I cradle this beast
When a stranger stops,
Awes at the timid creature
Then asks to cradle her,
Like all the many others, I ask
If they would rescue me from
The last of my memory,
Finally, this stranger agreed,
I relinquished my lingering past,
I walked away, empty
Of what mocked my detriment.

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