Room at the End

In a room, kept locked, by a serpent,
There visits, a tormented girl,
She puddles the emptiness
That keeps her in, echoing her pain
Into cup of her own hands.

Ran away years ago, into stranger waters
And swam out into the middle,
Wandered into her own abyss and found
This room, at the bottom of the shattered sea,
Abandoned, except for her fear,
Perched on the wall, screaming at her,
Keeping the shadow at the stalk,
A silent stampede raging toward her
As she continues to drown, on the tile
Swallowing words that swim in her head,
Hunted in the low light of her clouded mind,
Slowly closing the scope, making the room
Smaller, tighter and closer to her fear,
While she hides in her hollowed hands
Catching the dread pouring out,
At the same time, the lurking evil
Penetrates beneath her skull, letting in
The gushing tide, that suffocates her,
Laughing from it’s safe haven, enjoying
As she slips into the bleak, beneath the surface.


©DorianPoe 2015

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