Too Many Open Tabs


Late at night, as I peruse my thoughts
And jump, from idea to Wonderland
Escaping narrowly into another tab,
Finding myself in a distant picture,
Foreign steps, into a calm river
And out into the cold, with no blanket
Except for the falling sky, as I dart
To an already traveled road, reviewing
What I have learned, it is what I have forgotten,
Too many open sources, without any retention,
As I continue to sift my way out of swallow
And into another trap, flying to the bottom,
What was I thinking about?
Where has my mind drifted to?
A year in the sun, lost on an island
With the company of my own insomnia.




Do you disguise in the crowd of freaks?
Hanging on the limb with the thorns
Begging for you below, dressing your corner.
Do you close the door at the knock of company?
Posing in the shadow of dread,
While they build out your home
Staining the cross you grip so close.