Crippling Tree


Silence, is awakened by her gusting approach,
Towing with her, another key
From a cold bearing decline,
Temperately landing, amongst the baron branches
That struggles to keep the dangling tales,
When she shrills, a story floods the roots
Unlocked, by the tightly fastened noose
In the shadow of a key,
Weighing down a stunted climb
By hollow horrors in a fabled squawk,
Each bellow of a splattered sentence
Further opens the gaping sinkhole,
She finds distance, to only bestow
An overshadowed key, etched into it
Lies doom, a haunting cloud that rumbles
In the throat of the high winged soar,
A storm that drums the sapless
Held on tightly in constraints
Of the weaved bubble from dirty talons
Fabricating life, and glorifying darkness, Now the tree resides as a sumo
With dear in it’s roots,
Being hugged, by consumption,
Dressed, in an overcrowding, blind deceit,
A warning, never to cross the Rubicon.

©DorianPoe 2015

A Key to a Heart


The gears have stifled,
Clouds stalking in a chill
That grows, in violent winds,
She plunges into the pillow
Swimming deeper, hoping
To suffocate constant devastation
Of the blind mistakes,
The key to her heart, shared by
Many paralyzing owners,
Villains, of the castle nestling her heart
Play with the daggers they aim,
Careless with the key, as they
Drudge her oceanic pool
Where she fears to dip a toe,
She eludes the shackles of those
Who purposely, trample her heart
As the stars crowd the moon,
Falling to the beaten path,
She gets locked away
While her heart, isn’t as heavily guarded,
For it can’t take another lash
Upon its weakened gears,
One more, and the entire castle
Would tear itself down,
So, she escapes into her own
And buries all emotion,
All hope,
To stay alone in the shadows,
Keeping her heart beside
And the key, not even she
Knows it’s hiding spot.