My Escape


As I nestle inside the chapters
I’m transported, to the depths of the pages,
Sitting, beside the characters in dispute
Knives drawn, seeing the mystery solved
Right in front of me,
I’m there, amongst all the words
Pressed and read a million times,
And as the final chapter ends,
Where the character I have followed
From the prologue, to their tragic end,
Shutting the book, opens reality,
As I search for my next literary escape.

©DorianPoe 2015

Book Collector


I am a lover of books,
Hearing the wrestle of the page
As I race to catch up,
Lost in the world of it’s characters
I can not be disturbed,
Suspended above
Waters of a tale so elaborate,
You lose yourself a bit more,
Swimming deeper into its syntax
Finding secret passages
Of a mind on the brink of madness,
The lull of it’s final address
To you, the reader
I’m fact enrages you!
Shoots your heart
Spins your mind in disbelief,
Arguing with it’s final words
But inside,
Knowing you were wrong,
A bad breakup
An easy way to fight your tears,
But you move on to the next
Engulfing tragedy,
One, not so reminiscent of Greek
Or Shakespearean,
It honestly, wouldn’t matter at all,
I am a lover of books,
Collecting on my shelves
Richer from the company
Of so many great conversations.