Ode to the Bird, Inspiration

She came, crashing in through my barricades,
Burning words inside my mind
And unleashing, the dormant hand
Upon the open canvas, where I spilled
Her blood, pouring from out her veins
All that was there, beyond my blind touch
And then, she vanished into the sleeping willow
As I wait for her, to grace her wing
Upon my vacant brow,
And I’ll sit by the open windows
Bearing my heart, to the winds of her soar.


©DorianPoe 2015

Quote it: Edgar Allen Poe


You can spill blood of a tongue,
Onto the simple page
Blankly reaching for a pair of eyes,
Vacant of color and luster,
You can betray the fleeting sea
By sinking the shallow ship,
Shine light, upon the hidden corner
That has been lost in the murk
And no ship will sink,
No page will be left alone.

She Smiles

She melts the shackles around my heart,
Rips through years of webbing, spun
By the evil doings of Sirens,
She cures the throbbing hurt that blinds a soul,
Illuminates upon the hidden crack
Terrifies away the stalking vultures,
She lulls and races the beats of my emotions,
Setting fire when I need it
And extinguishes too,
She loves me to no end
And I can see that all in her smile,
I’m better when I see it,
I’m home when she exhibits,
I look for it’s shine, in the crowded of moments,
Guides me to the place where I belong.

~Thank you to my love for the inspiration you give me everyday.