Ignorance is Best


She’s crammed, locked and stored
Away from everyone,
Her escape, guarded,
By the roaming watchman
Brewing fire,
All she does, is engulf sight
Through a peephole
Into an endless plain.

Escape? For what?
She’d be lost in the devour
Of cruelty, stormed down
Upon her fragility,
Here, she is protected, untainted
By degradation of a diseased world,
The sun peaks in
When no one’s calling for it,
But the tide of anger
When it ignores, is an avalanche
Upon the weary,
I keep her, cloaked
High above the crushing,
Forever beautiful, in ignorance.

©DorianPoe 2015


Life Goes On


Do you agree?
Does it go on when the terror inside
Takes over?
When you bleed into the glass
Already brimming?
Stuck, in the glacier, crushing you
From the inside,
Does it go on?
Sure it does, only how much
Of the avalanche can you bear?